Baby Bushka

Baby Bushka is an eight-piece, all-female ensemble that celebrates the music of Kate Bush. This incredible project, which went from total infancy in October of 2017 to an eleven venue tour throughout the United Kingdom and Ireland in the fall of 2018, was dreamt up by San Diego singer/songwriter/artist Natasha Kozaily. In Baby Bushka, each member of the group sings one solo song and Natasha covers the remainder of the sets, currently at 21 songs.

Natasha initially reached out to Baby Bushka’s members- Dani Bell, Shelbi Bennett, Leah Bowden, Nina Deering, Lexi Pulido, Nancy Ross, and myself- with the intention of doing one show at the San Diego rock venue The Casbah of Kate Bush songs. That show, in December of 2017, was a huge hit, and took us to Los Angeles, Portland, Seattle, England, Scotland, and Ireland in 2018. For 2019, we have shows coming up in April in San Diego and Los Angeles, and are planning a west coast tour in the fall. We also plan to head back to the UK and Ireland in the spring of 2020.

Below are pictures of the band, pictures from our tour, and video of a spontaneous acoustic performance of Running Up That Hill from an open mic in Edinburgh, Scotland, October 2018.


Top Row: Hella Bush (Lexi Pulido), Dark Bush (Nina Deering), Shelbi Bennett (Buffalo Bush), Mighty Bush (Dani Bell)

Front Row: Heavy Bush (Leah Bowden), Boss Bush (Natasha Kozaily), Bad Bush (Batya MacAdam-Somer), Fancy Bush (Nancy Ross)


Myself singing Houdini, with Nancy, Lexi, and Natasha at the Night Owl in Birmingham, England, October 2018.


Playing Sat In Your Lap, with Lexi, Natasha, Nancy, Dani and Nina, from the Night Owl in Birmingham, England, October 2018.

From Edinburgh, Scotland, October 2018.