were running through the woods, Clint McCallum

were running through the woods was written in 2010 and premiered in April of that year. This recording is taken from that performance. A bit about the piece, from an email exchange between Clint and myself:

I haven’t done the performance notes yet, but they would be a better worded version of this:
The material of “were running through the woods” (not totally sold on the title) is derived from transcriptions I made of women screaming in some of my favorite horror movies. I explored a spectrum of literalness from untouched transcriptions to screams that were chopped up, stretched, transposed, reversed, and violinified. The overall form of the piece is supposed to mirror the structure of one single scream (onset-sustain-break-descend-run out of breath). The microtones are to be interpreted as a more ambiguous “inbetweeness” rather than strict quarter tones.

-Clint McCallum

score: violin-solo-k

Sequenza VIII, Luciano Berio

This is a live performance of Berio’s Sequenza VIII for solo violin, from April 9th, 2011 at the Conrad Prebys Music Center, UCSD.

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